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Yabancılar İçin Türkçe Sınıfı


We have all the levels of Turkish Classes!  In order to learn about the details, please visit us!

4 days in a week!!!  You can learn how to speak Turkish!

To learn a new language is always possible, but learning it its own land makes it easier and more natural.  You can learn speaking in the most efficient way.  A language experience is most valuable when it also includes the culture and lifestyle of the host country.


Britishtown offers programs designed to teach real Turkish that is spoken and necessary to continue your life in the street, offices, public places and to communicate with all people around you!

Our students learn Turkish

  • In a friendly atmosphere as well as in a diciplined way
  • In small sized classes,
  • Along with experienced, professional teaching staff who has been educated in teaching Turkish to foreigners,
  • By a student-centered interactive teaching method, which gives opprtunities to students to participate actively,
  • By getting to know the Turkish culture, which affects daily conversations.

! En yakın sınıf hakkında bilgi al